Action Hacked is another way to play 5e that connects the game mechanics directly to the story. Players make all the rolls. The DM judges the stakes. Each roll determines positive and negative outcomes. In a risky situation, if you roll close to your target, you gain something and you lose something.

ActionHacked-v0.1.1.pdf (2023-04-01, 88 KB, 8 pages)

This is an early draft but hopefully playable. It's free and licensed under CC BY 4.0. Constructive feedback is appreciated!

Why play this way? Pack more action into each session! Emphasize story, imagination, and improvisation over the tactical wargame aspects of 5e. Combat is more cinematic and easier for the DM. Exploration and social encounters can have more crunch. All three “pillars” of the game can be mixed and matched more easily.

If you enjoy both 5e and Powered by the Apocalypse or Forged in the Dark games, or even if you're just curious about them, this hack is for you. Best of all, no conversion is needed, just use your existing 5e characters and books.

Try it for a session or two!

And let us know how it went!